Have you been having a legal issue that you have been trying to handle by yourself for a few months now? And have you finally decided that you do not have sufficient knowledge on everything involved in this case and that you are in dire need of a lawyer to help you sort through all of the paper work and documents involved? Or maybe you have an even bigger problem and you have decided to take it to court, you will then need a suitable attorney to speak and fight on your behalf and represent you. But after a quick search you realized that there are several different types of attorneys and they all excel in specific fields so how can you decide which attorney is best suitable for your case? Read below to learn about some of the different types of attorneys and how they can help you help you so you can make that decision.

Family law attorney

Are you going through a divorce but you have three lovely children from your marriage and you are trying to decide who will have more custody over them? Or are you trying to adopt a child? Or maybe there is child abuse involved and you’re trying to take legal action. If this is the case, you can contact a family law firm Sydney to find you a family law attorney who will help guide you and support you through all of the procedures involved with any and all of the cases mentioned above.

Real estate attorney

You have been planning to buy a house and finally think you’ve found the home of your dreams but during a recent phone call with your friend, you found out about title problems than can arise. You thought such cases only happened in movies and tv shows and now that you know that it’s real, you are afraid to purchase this dream home of yours thinking, what if the current home owners are frauds and are trying to scam you. An ideal property dispute lawyer can help you with all of this and give you the peace of mind. They can do a thorough title search of the property you wish to buy and even support you through the actual process of signing the deeds. As they are highly experienced, they may even be able to spot a fake or fraudulent document if there are any.

Criminal defense attorney

A criminal defense attorney is usually hired by the criminal and they can help with all of the stages starting with the counselling of the criminal all the way to helping in court in terms of appeals, charges and throughout the investigation. The criminal defense attorney can even present evidence in court to prove the innocence of the criminal if they have been falsely accused of the crime.